The Action From Menswear

The All-New BMW X4

Living life with ambition and determination requires complete conviction. An acceptance of the challenge ahead. A dynamic outlook, a trailblazing personality and an ability to be irrevocably expressive, independent and innovative. It takes knowing what defines you as an individual.

When you get up in the mornings you don’t just wake up to get through another day, you wake up and make an impact. Finding a vehicle that embodies all of these traits can be a difficult task but the all-new BMW X4 is up to the challenge and reaffirms your take on life with a roaring and resounding “BRING IT ON”. It kicks things up a notch, in every possible way. It dominates the scene with incredible performance and aggressive styling.

On the outside, the all-new BMW X4’s thirst for action is made clear from first glance. This BMW is a case study in muscular dynamics and commanding presence, taking dress to impress to a whole new level. Front and centre, a large BMW kidney grille in three-dimensional look captures the eye, to each side, twin headlight units with dynamic contours and horizontal fog-lamps. All of its light functions featuring LED technology as standard.

The all-new BMW X4 also features an elongated take on the iconic Hofmeister kink, drawing every onlooker’s gaze along the side of the vehicle. Its sporty design with clearly structured surfaces and horizontal lines shape the vehicle’s athletic rear. With the push of the pedal, its powerful TwinPower Turbo Engine announces, time to make my mark.

On the inside, standard features such as the latest version of the BMW iDrive operating system and intelligent voice control provide a connected and immersive driving experience. Top-class materials, precise build quality and a host of meticulously crafted details in the all-new BMW X4’s cabin wrap driver and passengers alike in an air of modernity and high-class elegance.

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