Colour and Classics Heat Up Polo’s 2019 Spring/Summer Men’s Collection

Polo has always set fashion trends of the season for South African men as arguably one of the best high-end fashion houses. 

Polo’s Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s collection is contemporary, classic and prestigious — Polo’s authentic aesthetic.

Don’t be caught wanting this season. Hit the high streets with colour co-ordination, colour fluidity and prints that make you want to go on an adventure.

Solid pastel blue and solid pastel pink short-sleeved shirts worn over a crew-neck T-shirt in a toned-down version of the main shade is a trend this season. Pair with blue jeans or white boardshorts and be the talk of the town.

White is blazing hot this season, as are nautical colours, a classic fashion staple. Pair a white dinner jacket and tailored trousers with a navy turn-down, nautical collar shirt and be the beau of the ball. Wear a button-down, classic Breton striped, short-sleeved shirt over a V-necked white T-shirt and white long shorts, and give off some yacht-party vibes.

A light blue polo shirt paired with camel long shorts and a matching blue baseball cap creates a relaxed sporty look, perfect for having lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach. Throw a classic denim jacket over a button-down blue shirt, pair with camel chinos and white sneakers to beat the heat. 

Put the right fashion foot forward with stylish black or white sneakers. They add the finishing touch to almost any outfit, so have a pair . . . it’s non-negotiable. 

Nature-inspired prints appear on shirts. Pair with a light-weight bomber jacket and rolled-up chinos, or with boardshorts and stylish sunnies for lazy day, soaking up the sun on your deck chair.

Polo is always on top of its fashion game and this collection reflects a marriage of classic, contemporary, innovative and trendy clothes and accessories, while still maintaining elegance and sophistication. Polo is iconic. Period. 

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